A native New Yorker, Ariella Perlman leads a varied artistic life. Born the youngest of five in a decidedly artistic household, Ms. Perlman draws inspiration from both her upbringing and world travels.  Ms. Perlman is an accomplished jeweler, specializing in wearable Judaica that is unique and sophisticated.  Ms. Perlman’s creations are one of a kind and handmade, using simple techniques, a wide range of materials, and a sophisticated sense of design. Her work also contains a consistent emphasis on ornamentation, from hand-painted details on decoupage pieces, to exacting precision in multi-strand necklaces. Her pieces have been sold at boutiques, synagogues, and galleries in Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Sun Valley, as well as the Dayton Art Institute and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and were featured on TV’s American Idol.